New Hampshire National Guard, Care Coordination Program

The New Hampshire National Guard (NHNG) awarded a contract to ProForce Inc. and their subcontractor, Cognitive Professional Services Inc., to establish a federal program, the Care Coordination Program, to support Service Members, family members, and Veterans of all branches of the military throughout the state of New Hampshire and surrounding areas.


Cognitive's goal was to promote and sustain the quality of life and resilience of New Hampshire Service Members, Veterans, and family members by providing secure, confidential indirect and direct services such as emergency counseling, program referrals, and outreach coordination that support program goals.


ProForce and Cognitive have worked to establish New Hampshire's flagship federal support program; the CCP is the single source of federal assistance in the state from which Service Members, Veterans, and family members to obtain information about the support services and organization available throughout the state and nation.

Description of Services Provided:

  • Intake, assess needs, and develop both long-term and short-term care plans which include coordination of care and follow-up
  • Provide direct care by licensed specialists during emergency situations or when significant barriers to entry in outside agencies exist
  • Conduct outreach services through community capacity-building and outreach to military units, Service Members, Veterans, and their families
  • Develop relationships with local organizations and individuals that can provide necessary services, and leverage these providers in the execution of the individualized care plans
  • Regularly attend various committees, educate and reach out to providers, liaise between Service Members and providers
  • Assist Service Members, Veterans, or family members with finding and obtaining employment, procuring counseling for various behavioral or mental health issues, etc.
  • Coordinate with each individual in support of all clients at pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment stages of the Soldier Life Cycle
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