Business and Requirements Analysis

Is there a gap between how your systems currently work and how they need to work for your organization and its users? Does your organization need to define how a new system should operate in order to meet organizational goals and user needs? Effective analysis will help your organization use technology effectively and allow you to incorporate rapidly changing technologies into existing systems. We literally "wrote the book" on user-centered business and system requirements (User-Centered Requirements: The Scenario-Based Engineering Process, McGraw & Harbison); we specialize in developing usable requirements that drive value by a consistent focus on outcomes and the appropriate involvement of users and stakeholders.

Cognitive Technologies' business and systems requirements analysis service helps organizations ensure that systems and technologies work for their users. As our name suggests, we operate at the intersection of people and technology, and we understand the importance of defining systems correctly. Activities we provide within this service area include:

  • Conducting feasibility analysis for new systems
  • Interviewing users and stakeholders to understand and document the goals of the system
  • Modeling the functionality of the system
  • Specifying inputs that the system will access, deciding how inputs will be processed, and formatting output to meet users' needs
  • Using data modeling techniques, including the creation of the entity relationship diagram
  • Preparing specifications, flow charts, and process diagrams for programmers to use
  • Determining hardware and software requirements
  • Developing roadmaps for deploying Microsoft? technologies, including SharePoint? Planning Deployment Services, for which we accept Microsoft vouchers.

If you are dealing with incomplete requirements, need to increase the user acceptance of new systems or plan for the deployment of Microsoft? technologies, call the business and requirements analysis specialists at Cognitive Technologies.